Ongoing Events

The Participants

  • Escape
  • Serenity
  • Cease Fire
  • Toggle When Needed
  • Team Warzone
  • Team Savagery
  • 1Tapkill
  • Team Over Grind
  • Sea Lions
  • Vcore Blue
  • Vcore Grey
  • Vcore Knights
  • Rank-Up
  • Area51
  • Next Round
  • Godsent
  • Team Jogo
  • Italy Gaming
  • Level Up
  • 2 Birds 3 Rocks
  • Dem Gamers
  • City Pulse
  • Macrotronics Staff
  • House Club
  • Enorth

Tournament Details

The Idea

Things are getting bigger every day for the E sports community in Lebanon. 961 Gamers since its existence in 2017 has given the Lebanese community the priority. We are proud to announce the first 100% LEBANESE CSGO tournament called: The Nationals.

The Nationals will be the first pure Lebanese CSGO league lasting all summer long.

How To Participate

  • All gaming centers are allowed to register their own teams.
  • Qualifiers will be played online on a unique CSGO server owned by 961gamers.
  • All participating teams will have to play their matches from gaming centers that are partners to 961gamers (more than 50)
  • 961gamers is able to get the attention of at least 30 teams to the competition in LEBANON ONLY
  • We plan to have the finals in the VCORE Tabarja at the end of the qualifiers; the 4 top teams will compete in the semis and finals.

Prize Pool

Since day 1, 961gamers has been known for the upmost transparency. We charge no player nor viewers for any fee.
This is why our financials are so clear and as follows.

  • The cost of this championship will include casters , internet, printings, renting
    the location and most importantly hire admins to control the games during
    the qualifiers and finals.
  • The 5 millions LBP that will make the prize pool will allow the 4 finalist Teams
    to get some part of the cake.
  • The player with the most kills and assists during this tournament will also
    have a small amount dedicated to him.

Prize Details

This is how the 5 millions LBP will be distributed

  • Winner Team: 3 millions LBP
  • 2nd Place: 1.5 millions LBP
  • 3rd Place: 500 thousands LBP
  • Most kills / Most assists: TBA


Tournament sponsor From 5000 USD to 10000 USD and may contain the following

  • Mentioned and thanked in the opening ceremony and during the show by the casters
  • Live stream break videos based on sponsors adds
  • Live stream graphics taking up to 60% of the space
  • Banners in the Esports Lounge
  • Products in the Esports lounge
  • Featured in all tournament related posts taking 50% of the sponsors/ads space
  • Featured in the after event movie
  • Video content during the tournament (Interviews with players, coaches)