Samer Frem

Organization Manager / Content Designer

Gamer Tag: SAM-URAI

Samer has a lot of connection in the TV media world in Lebanon and is the most active sponsor hunter.

Very creative and outside the box thinking is his best attribute alongside being the dictator of this group as well as the main Fificult troll.

Prefers Racing games, CSGO and different esports related games.

Rayyan Frem

Graphic Designer

Gamer Tag: RAY

Prefer single player games in general.

multiplayer games: dota2 – quake champions – sniper elite 4.

Wadih Sayah


Gamer Tag: Devil

Devil used to be an engineer. He quit his work to follow a career in Esports, managed to reach the top in CSGO as a coach/manager of team (Next Generation) and as an on air talent working with the biggest organizers in MENA region.
Devil experience in Esports is utilized in 961gamers to reach the top as the most professional Esports events organizers and creator of the healthiest esports   community.

Afif Chamas


Gamer Tag: Fifficult

A harsh realist who always gets perceived as negative, which is very healthy for the team as “fifficult” feedback always drives us to either improve or troll him.

“Fifficult” CSGO casting skills have no match and the chemistry with Devil is building slowly but surely.
Preferred games: CSGO and generally all FPS games.

Christopher Saade

Social Media Manager

Gamer Tag: BUGZY

Bugzy is the most active gamer in 961gamers. Loves to game all day and always trying trending and new games which is the reason he is bad at all of the games he tries.

He is also very active in the Lebanese community and recently started streaming and casting with 961Gamers.

Preferred games : Any trendy game / CSGO/ DOTA2

Elie Hanna

Producer / Tech Freak

Gamer Tag: ARKO

Arko is the biggest tech freak in Lebanon. He loves PC and gaming hardware and knows every detail related to it.
Arko is one of the best gamers in 961Gamers usually carries us in show matches.
He is also a hardworking person that gets stuff done during events and is the perfect admin. A good player that knows what gear players are using allowing him to spot cheaters easily.
Preferred games : CSGO, Battlefield, Rainbow6, any FPS game he can dominate while trash talking his OWN team and explaining to them how much they suck.

Mohamad ArauJo

System Administrator / IT GENIUS

Gamer Tag: N3

N3 is the “go to guy” in Lebanon to solve any tech problem.
He is also the server admin in 961Gamers.
His love to CSGO and competition is never ending, started gaming since he was a
kid and now he is one of the best players. He is also in a member in a CSGO team in Lebanon.

Preferred games: CSGO

Rami Frem

Founder and Director

Gamer Tag: RAM

Founder of 961Gamers and owner of Macrotronics.
Rami came up with the idea of making tournaments and helping the Lebanese community grow into Esports not just gaming for fun.
Rami is actively helping 961Gamers grow in every possible aspect he can influence.

Preferred games: CSGO, PUBG and other FPS games with Silver rank