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Esports A Cultural Movement

ESports also known as electronic sports. Competitive video gaming, professional video gaming, or pro gamin g are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games Esports is becoming a cultural movement that is changing everything.

Big financial deals are happening, governments are recognizing players are pro athletes, schools are also giving scholarships and all viewership and attendance records are being broken. Players are now stars; they train daily, fans shout their names and thousands watch them compete.

Esports The Details

ESports consist of many layers.

The players. The commitment they show is astonishing; they train daily, eat properly and most importantly give great attention to their fitness.

The games. Its just like a chess, football or basketball game. Its that one versus that other one. Whether it’s a first person shooter or a multiplayer game in an arena. Nothing would change. The excitement is there!

The popularity. Its Unmatchable; Twitch, MLG, Azubu and Youtube all fuel the growth of Esports reputation as the streaming channels are loaded daily with content.

The Casters. They play an essential role in the Esports scene providing insights, humor, excitement and a unique personality to the games. It’s simple the job of the future.

The Fans. From 16 to 40 ! They just love Esports. With a majority of males dominating, these fans are socially savvy and connected. For them, its more than a game… It’s a COMMUNITY!

Esports Business Implications

ESports is the perfect opportunity. Simply everything a brand would need in a sponsorship

  1. Big fan passion and fervor
  2. Big money income
  3. Big Audience
  4. Big Personalities

Esports How To Get Involved

To most people involved in the Esports industry, it is probably going to be more relevant to the next generation of kids than any other sport.

The fastest way of success for any company to be part of Esports is:

  • Create exclusive platform for sponsorships
  • Get actively involved with gamers
  • Develop and help local organizers
  • Help with production and publishing